Ancient Warfare

Ancient Warfare is a minimalistic low poly ancient war game for Ludumdare 36 "Ancient Technology".

You take control of a knight with sword and shield and try to kill all the red guys.

The game features 3 different game modes:


10 Levels to have some fun and kill red guys


3 different difficulty settings. Enemies spawn faster with the time and you have to kill as many as possible.

Custom Battle

You can place the enemies like you want and try to beat them.

There are currently 7 different enemy types in game:

Sword fighter

A simple guy with a normal blade, medium dangerous.

Mace fighter

This guy will try to kill you with a mace, in groups and behind you, they are very dangerous

Spear fighter

Tries to stay at range from the player, because his spear is long enough to hit him from away. This makes this troop quite difficult to handle.


As the name says, this guy has a bow and will try to sniper you from far distance. Better use your shield to protect from flying arrows.


This guy doesn't have any weapons and will just try to punch you. Large groups can make you lose the control.


This guy is like the player. He is equipped with a sword and a shield and has more hit points than the other units.

Spear thrower

This unit will throw his spear at you and after that, he will try to punch you.


WASD - Move

Left Mouse Button - Attack

Right Mouse Button - Shield

F12 - Screenshot